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    Self-Packing Scutoid in SOLIDWORKS

    Keith Frankie

      I was intrigued by the recent SW Tech Blog "Self-Packing Scutoid in SOLIDWORKS" by Robert Maldonado of designpoint.


      With a bit of work following his instructions I was able to replicate the results in SolidWorks.  I could fit two parts together, but beyond that the pattern broke down, and wouldn't repeat regularly.  The most I've seen assembled together at once (of any scutoid model) is 4, as seen in this video.


      After a little head scratching I found that changing the hexagon from a regular hexagon to one where some of the angles matched that of the pentagon let the scutoids fit together in a repeating pattern.  It looks cool, though holes are part of the pattern.  Now I need a 3D printer that can do color...


      Scutoid.SLDPRT - recreation of the scutoid from the tech blog

      Scutoid B.SLDPRT - rework for continuous patterning

      Scutoid.SLDASM - assembly of patterned scutoids

      ZIP file of all three SW files