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PDM Standard Viewer Licence - limitations?

Question asked by John Wayman on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by John Wayman

I am considering the purchase of a bundle of Viewer licences to allow our Project people, purchasing and shop floor to access the vault data without having to go through an engineer.

These licences are not cheap, so I want to know I will not be wasting my money.


Does anyone have experience of using Viewer licences for PDM Standard? Note we are using Standard, not Professional - There are almost certainly some differences between what the professional viewer licences and the standard viewer licences can do.


In particular, I would like the Viewer licence users to be able to see BOMs, view, measure, section, query and explode eDrawings assemblies, view the auto-created PDF copies of drawings, and grab copies of PDF, STP and DXF files to send to our suppliers.


Do the PDM Standard Viewer licences let the Viewers do all these things?

I have a price from our VAR, plus a datasheet, but it all seems a bit vague regarding these specifics.



SW2018, SP4