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    Who is ready for SLUGME 2018?

    Todd Blacksher

      First things first . . . What is SLUGME?

      SLUGME stands for "SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever"

      (Technically, SOLIDWORKS World is the "Largest User Group Meeting Ever", but we already knew that . . . right?)


      In 2016 we thought it might be fun to see how many User Groups we could get to have a meeting on the same night, at the same time, and log in to the same presentation all at once, via the web.


      It went way beyond our expectations!

      File Oct 17, 4 29 29 PM.jpeg

      We did it again last year, and it EXPLODED!


      If you missed it, the presentation is available on YouTube - SLUGME17 - YouTube

      (More content from the presentation is available here - SWW18 Presentation - All The Small Things)


      How do you take part in this event, and help us make it even bigger this year?

      Easy . . . Just contact your local User Group Leader and ask them if they are participating!


      Don't know who your local User Group Leader is . . . Just look it up here - SolidWorks User Group Network

      Can't find a User Group in your area . . . Maybe you should start one! (Information about that is also available in the link above.)

      Your User Group Leader doesn't know about SLUGME . . . Ask them to head over to the User Group Leaders section of the forums and look for "SLUGME 2018"


      Put it on your calendar - Tuesday, November 13th, 2018, we'll have Neil Custard presenting "SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks you need to know - SLUGME Edition"

      The ONLY way to participate is by attending a User Group meeting - find your local group now, and tell them that you want to be a part of this!


      Don't miss out!



      Also, get your SWUG Life/SLUGME Shirt here - SWUGLife OG Shirt Custom Ink Fundraising

      Big Thanks to Kameron Smith for the "OG SWUG Life" design and making the shirts available to the rest of us!