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PDM Professional - Few questions after migrating from WPDM

Question asked by Sascha Smolny on Sep 23, 2018
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we are in the process of transferring data from the Workgroup PDM to PDM Professional with our VAR.

We have now received the first test data and im Trying to create PDF from all Drawings. (That is not included by the Migration from our VAR)


I'm still waiting for answers from our support, but I want to clarify this.

So i have a few important Questions before we can go live with PDM Professional.


1.) Is there a way to Open a Assembly always in the latest Revision? I have found the option "always work with latest version of files" but not a option to work always with a version "as created". (What do you call that right in English? In the PDM we could choose in German language "Wie erstellt".

Is it right that i have to choose the latest Revision of the assembly to get the Referenced parts in the right (often older) Version? Otherwise the last locally available version will be opened?

This is e.g. in the documentation department our daily business, as some parts change more often and we need the Version "as created"...


2.) The Drawings properties (Drawing-No, Description etc. from the referenced Part/Assembly) are only updating if i open the Drawing in SolidWorks make a rebuild and  save the document. We have a lot Drawings and it is not possible for our small team of 5 designers to open all of the tens of thousands drawings to update them. How can we automate this process? Only with a self written macro? Also here we have to be careful that we open the Drawing with "as created".


3.) We have a PDF generation in the Workflow "Approved". The PDF will be created on a Task-Host machine.

If i have a older Assembly, the Assembly will be opened on the Task-Host Machine with Parts in the latest Version and the PDF is not created as expected. What are we doing wrong? Is there a setting for this?

Correct PDFs are very important to us.


4.) We have a few Assemblies where the parts are not found. In these Assemblies we have to manual select the right File (the Files are still present in the Vault). How can I find and replace these references before?
On the PDF Creation there were no error created but on the PDF this Parts are missing.


Sorry for wrong terms. Im very new to PDM Professional and use it in German language.