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Question asked by Dennis Bacon on Sep 23, 2018
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This has in progress for a couple of years now. Maybe not that long but this a 1/60th   of the  scale of the Reba's Ranch in Texas I had all the dwgs of the people whodid t this.. It is a big deal for the people in Texas.... sort of like a Ronald MacDonald house  m The major question is  we are now   thinking of a .105 sst was goin to use all wouls  The wood mostly white oak 3/4" I have done much research on the and am concerned that that my fry the wood and glue..  110 degrees in not uncommon Ruben BalderramaTodd BlacksherDave Bear John Stoltzfus It's a bird feedr...

What you  see here is a very simplifiied  Sorry for any misspellingg.. I lost my glasses.. Don't know what I going to do about that yet..