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Question asked by Jose Quinones on Sep 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Jose Quinones

Anybody knows if Solidworks 2019 will make it easier to switch computers using the same license? Reason I ask is because I run SW on two computers. My main computer is where I design the parts. I spend most of the time designing parts here. The second computer is where I run the CNC machine, and I only need SW to do touchups on details I missed. Rest assured this is required 101% of the times!


On the other license based tools that I have (i.e. Altium), you can grab the license by just going to the computer you want to use. The systems knows to disable the license on the computer where it is not being used. As it is, however, SW requires me to go to the computer where the license is, deactivate it, and then go to the other computer and activate it, and so on. Kind of a hassle which might be perfectly acceptable in 2005, but not as much on 2018. This would be a cool feature to have for sure!