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    Uninstall Portions of SW

    Bob Kaufman

      I'm using 2018 at home and don't really need the Electrical, CAM or Plastics portions of the software.  Was wondering if there is a way to uninstall these without effecting the rest of the software?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Modify/Reinstall/Uninstall (do not ember which one of these should work) and check/uncheck the tools you do not need.

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              Bob Kaufman

              Thanks, but how do I get that?

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                  Sameer Qureshi

                  Hi Bob,


                  If these add-ins are loading up on startup you can just disable them by un-ticking them under Tools > Add-Ins (Startup column) without uninstalling but if you really want to free up some space/...


                  1. Close SOLIDWORKS.

                  2. Press Start and type 'Control Panel' to bring up the Windows Control Panel.

                  3. Choose Uninstall Programme (May say uninstall apps), then find SOLIDWORKS 20XX in the list of programs, right click it and choose      'change' or 'modify'.

                  4.Follow the installation manager wizard (ok any warnings), press next a few times until you see the 'Product Selection' page.

                  5. Un-tick the bits of the software you don't want then hit next.

                  6. Accept the terms (tickbox at bottom if not already ticked) and modify. The installer will do the rest.


                  It's as simple as that.