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Having a problem selecting/deleting lines around blocks in a sketch

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Mar 6, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2009 by Jay Andrews
I'm laying out a sketch with a bunch of blocks. There are quite a few lines that I want to delete which are in the same area as the blocks. If I use a selection window, the lines and the lines in the blocks all get selected. if I delete the blocks from the selection list, now the delete key doesn't delete the remaining selected items. I don't see a way to hide or suppress the blocks which is surprising me. I also see that layers only work in drawings not sketches, so I can't put them on a layer and turn it off. So I'm not even finding a work around for this other than to select every line segment individually, which come on, in this day and age is just silly. I'm hoping I'm missing something here and there is a way to select the lines but not the blocks. Please help, thanks.