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Auto start macro with shortcut, equation triggered or addin?

Question asked by Rinze Wels on Sep 21, 2018
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I have been searching on the forum, but haven't found a clear solution for my issue yet. I would be pleased when someone can help me.


With info of this forum I have managed to create a working macro which extract a product number and product name uit of the file name and place it in the custom properties. Yes!

I now want the macro to automatically start the macro, preferably on rebuild.


I have found 3 options:

  1. Starting SW with a shortcut to start the macro.
    This option is easy, but won't work when opening a part from File Explorer. It will also not do when I outsource work, because I have them to change their shorcut too and not evereone is fond of that.
  2. Using equation triggered macro's
    I think that is what I need, but it seems that I cannot reproduce in SW 2018 what is explaned in the nice Youtube video from CADSharp. In the video SW cries a bit after importing the text file, but permits it. SW 2018 seems not to permit it anymore  
  3. Using a addin
    This sounds a bit complex for the simple purpose I have for the macro. Besides that I was just happy that I managed to get a macro working and I am a bit discouraged considering investigating addins. In other words: I almost know nothing about addins and I hope that it can stay that way :-)



I would be pleased to get some support to get my simple macro started automatically. The macro itself may be embedded, but a link is also ok.


Thanks in advance!