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configurations randomly change

Question asked by Dennis Parr on Sep 21, 2018

Solidworks 2018 SP 4.0. Win10 x64. Applied SP 4.0 last week which fixed a long running problem where parts changed color when I renamed a configuration. Not sure if the SP fixed that (VAR couldn't duplicate) but it went away. However, suddenly I have sub-assemblies randomly changing configuration in the top level assembly they are in. Example, I have a punching die with a "lead" end and a "trail" end. Die has a bottom plate that is configured for a lead end, and trail. So in the two configurations the orientation of the scrap hole in the plate changes for trail or lead. It is two features, one for trail, one for lead. Same geometry except opposite depending on trail or lead. The punch holder, punch, stripper plate, and die plate are all the same for each configuration, lead or trail, except they are assembled pointing to the left for the trail end, and point right for the lead end. I have these as a sub-assembly (called punch stack) so the parts flip orientation as a group with only 2 constraints changing in each configuration at any level. The two dies sit on a punching table, the trail is on the left, the lead is on the right, punching the geometry in the ends of the part accordingly. The problem is the I'll have the configurations set. Trail end shows parts in the trail orientation. Lead shows parts in the lead orientation. I'll save and close the assembly. Open it back up and the trail end configuration is find. Activate the lead end configuration and the punch stack is still showing in the trail end orientation. I open the punch stack assembly, lead end configuration shows the parts in the correct orientation. Trial is correct. I go back and forth a couple of times to make sure and in the sub-assembly they look right. Go back up one level in the assembly and in the die, lead looks like trail. Trail looks like trail. Put the assembly in the lead configuration (punch stack looks like it is in the trail orientation). Suppress the punch stack. Unsuppress it and bingo, the lead configuration now shows in the lead orientation.


Our VAR and Solidworks is already looking at a problem with false negative returns on constraints. Open an assembly with flexible sub-assemblies and constraints are failed or show as conflicting. Suppress a failed constraint and then unsuppress it and everything is fine. No constraint failures or conflicts. Solidworks response was I had dismissed the CONSTANT error messages for when this happened. Well DUH! I can see by the read and brown colors of the parts in my feature tree that they failed. I don't need an error dialog popping up in my way 50 times so I can't fix the problem. It doesn't explain why after I fix the problem and work 16 hours in the assembly with no issues, save and close the assembly only to return the next day and the constraints are failed or conflicting again. Good news, with SP 4.0 I can use the rebuild all configurations or force rebuild all configurations and it fixes itself.