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Flatten and unflatten sheet metal with irregular edges as a cylinder

Question asked by Mads Fournais on Sep 21, 2018



I am trying to make a part made as sheet metal.

When UNFLATTENED the part should be a cylinder.

When FLATTENED the part should be a flat piece of sheet metal.


This is a simple task that can be made by making a cylinder with a small axial gap, as long as the edges are straight and regular as seen in the attached file.


The problem occours when I try to make my desired part. I want to make the edges overlap, but with irregular edges as seen in the attached file. This way I won't get a "lump" of material on the cylinder all the way in axial direction. I have made a configuration for each desired state, a bit like I want it to work out when I make the cylinder as sheet metal and use the "Flatten" feature.