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How to get the Feature Properties of Tables in ConfigurationManager

Question asked by Cuong Vo Ta on Sep 21, 2018

Hey people of SolidWorks!

I am coding an Add-In for SolidWorks and I'm trying to get the feature properties of the design tables.




When I am using the ConfigurationManager I just get the stuff listed below the Configuration section: "Standard" and "help[...]"

Then I tried the DesignTable interface. With the GetTitle() method I just get the title inside of the excel sheet..
And actually I thought that DesignTable.FileName should do it, but it is always returning me an empty string.


I created a SWDesignTable class to store all the informations. Here is a little code snippet in C#:


doc = Connector.ActiveDocument;

var config = new SWDesignTable(doc);

var designTable = (DesignTable)config.ExcelTable;

string designTableName = designTable.FileName;


ouput: designTableName = ""


So do you guys know, how I can get access to the feature properties of the design table for getting informations like name, description, created by and so?

If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask!