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BreakView Doesn't Work?

Question asked by Todd Carpenter on Sep 21, 2018

I have a piece of code which finds a broken view, "unbreaks" the view, and then is supposed to "rebreak" the view.  The first part works fine, but for some reason, it won't break the view.  I've tried a ForceRebuild, and even did a ctrl+Q in the drawing to no avail.  I thought maybe my code was running past the section but it appears it's working, and I don't get any errors.  Am I doing something wrong?  Here's the important pieces:


Unbreak the View:

            // Check for broken view.


            bool boolRebreak = false;

            Breaks = swView.GetBreakLineCount2(out Size);



            if (Breaks > 0)


                // Unbreak the view.



                boolRebreak = true;



Break the View:


            if (boolRebreak)


                // Re-break the view.






                Debug.Print("Rebreak View Complete.");



Thanks for any info...