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Running a simulation - pressure in a tube

Question asked by Jim Roberts on Sep 20, 2018

Looking to run a simulation on a pigtail Bourdon tube.  I have the tube, spiraled it, added a cap, and now I want to run the simulation.  I have run it a few times, but I am unsure the results are what I want because I am not sure I have set it up properly.  Also, I would like to see how 15,000 psi would move the unit, but when I run the simulation it does not move.  The Bourdon tube should uncurl as it pressure goes into it.  How do I set this up and is there anything out there I can watch/read about to show me how to do this?  I work for a Gauge distributor and we are getting into manufacturing and I will have to do several simulations on both spiral and C shaped Bourdon tubes.