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    C# Macro Recording Error: No Visual Studio Template Information Found

    Sai Rajkumar Vadla

      CSharp macro recording error.PNG


      Hello everyone,

      This is my first discussion post in SolidWorks community. My name is Raj. I am a professional SolidWorks design engineer. I have been working on SolidWorks macros (VBA) lately. I started learning C# and wanted to work SolidWorks C# macros.

      When I tried to record a C# macro in SolidWorks, I was getting the above (No Visual Studio template) prompt. No physical C# Macro file is saved.


      I have the following files in the "csharp" SolidWorks directory if it helps assessing the issue.

      CSharp files.PNG


      Any suggestions are strongly appreciated. Thank you so much.