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CSWA and CSWP prep drawings for others use:)

Question asked by Matt Thomas on Sep 20, 2018
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Ello all.


First and foremost, i would like to say thank you to the Solidworks Community for all the wonderful help they have shown me and friendliness. If ti was not for these forums, i would have struggled and struggled through my class. It was not until i received some very thoughtful insight from this community that helped me transfer to a different class all together. Im proud to say that i have accomplished the CSWA class and i am now in my CSWP class.


I wanted to share with the comunnity and any new users out there some of the drawings we used from class for the CSWA and CSWP exams. The only thing missing on the drawings is the final mass of the object to compare your results to. I forgot to wright those down.


anyway, i just wanted to share these with the group. I do know one of the drawings, a dim is missing. cant remember which one haha. I did not create these drawings nor are they copyrighted. They are free to use and share.


Once again, thank you much for all the help.