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2009 Slot feature almost useless (Personel opinion)

Question asked by Ben Guenther on Mar 6, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2009 by Matthew Lorono
Hi All,

I hope nobody finds this post too annoying, but I am posting to see if others feel the same.

I was really looking forward to the slot feature in SW 2009 when I first heard about it, truth is I never use it because:
- you can't make one end large then the other end.
-you can't select a point in the slot to add a relation to something else like make it horizontal or somthing like that.
-when you try to select something on the slot the whole slot is automatically selected.

I mainly just work with sheetmetal so I would have used the slot feature alot for bolt slots and or even to make a flat bar.

I never use it because if i want to make one end of the slot or the flat bar larger or smaller then i have to delete it and make a slot the old way and if I do then my mates and any references that I had to it are all broken.

Please post your opinions.