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    PDM standard - Working copy

    Jake Bakerin

      I'd been using workgroup PDM for years and really miss the "working copy" feature from it

      Can PDM standard be customized to have a feature similar to "working copy" in wPDM?

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          Paul Wyndham

          I never really used Workgroup PDM so I am unsure what a working copy is. I couldn't really find anything online that helped explain it either. What I did find made it sound that it was either the ability to check in the file without changing the version or to have a local copy of the files to work on.


          In SW PDM there is a permission setting to allow users to overwrite the existing version on check in:


          Or, the folder structure on your local drive is a local copy of the files from the archive server. When you get a version of the file it pulls a copy down to your machine. That would be the copy you are opening.


          If it means something to the effect of being able to modify the files you have locally without checking them out first - that is not possible. Even with the branch and merge functionality you have to check out the file before you can save it locally without using "Save As".


          Disclaimer: I only have access to SolidWorks PDM Professional so I don't know if that permission is included in Standard, but I think it is.