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Can you use ConfigurationManager to suppress part in specific assembly?

Question asked by Dan Markoff on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2018 by Dan Markoff

I have an assembly with multiple configurations.  I want to suppress a specific part in a specific configuration.


This is my code:


     Dim vConfParam(0) As Object

     Dim vConfValue(0) As Object

     vConfParam(0) = "$STATE@screw<1>"

     vConfValue(0) = "S"

     bRet = swModel.ConfigurationManager.SetConfigurationParams(configurationName, vConfParam, vConfValue)


This always returns false.


My vConfParam and vConfValue arrays are setup to look just like they do when they come from bRet = swConfigMgr.GetConfigurationParams(activeConfigName, vConfParam, vConfValue)


Does the SetConfigurationParams require different arrays than GetConfigurationParams gives?