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Shaded view API, updating poorly

Question asked by Lars Ahlzen on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Lars Ahlzen

Hi  Guys


I am writing a script that takes a pre-made drawing and makes similar drawings for X configurations. I am having a problem with the shaded view though since it updates very poorly (linked picture). In this test I have ran through nine configurations and from the pic you can see that the previous configurations stick in the shaded view. I have been trying to fix this by setting the view to HLR and then shaded again to update the view but this doesn't really work. I am thinking that this is just a problem with the software/hardware and thus is unsolvable but I wanted to get a second opinion before I give up on the shaded view. The "workaround" code to fix the problem:


Private Declare PtrSafe Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)


' Rebuild shaded views, these doesn't update properly otherwise, still works pretty bad, needs work

If swView.GetDisplayMode2 = swSHADED Then

     swView.SetDisplayMode3 False, swHIDDEN, False, True

     'Sleep 1000

     swView.SetDisplayMode3 False, swSHADED, False, False

     'Sleep 1000

End If


As you can see I also tried to implement a waiting command for 1 second thinking that perhaps it changed to quickly for the software to catch on. Didn't do much good though.


Anyways always appreciate the help guys and have a good soon to be weekend