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Is there a way to embed drawing no and sheet into onto a symbol?

Question asked by Lynne Toland on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by Marc Wilson

If I have a part with multiple symbols, say a pcb or a connector, and I have associated them together, how do I show where all the fragments of the component are?


In this case, I am doing a interconnect drawing.

I show the panel mount connectors in the schematic, say it is J1 in PDU location going to J5 in Motors location.


On my interconnect, I insert "dummy" panel mount connectors (which have no connection points), and I associate them to the panel mount connectors J1 and J5 in their appropriate location boxes. That way I get the tag, signal name and mating part number reference.

I insert the on-cable connectors onto the interconnect. I DO NOT associate them with the panel mount part numbers because they really are not part of that assembly. At the moment I am manually numbering them "J1" and "J5" (which is causing me all kinds of agita.)

Then I associate the cable conductors with the cables. This gives me a nice report with all the cable part numbers and I like it.


What I don't like about it is there is no data linkage between the panel-mount connector and the on-cable connectors. I don't want to associate them together  because that messes up my report. What I think I do want to do is show the sheet and page number on the "dummy" connector. There seems to be no attribute that does this. I expected "CROSS_REFERENCE" to be it but no go. Can I access the attributes or data linking that is used in the "Source/Destination" arrows into some components?

When I open the arrow symbols, there are no attributes so I can't steal them that way. Can I maybe embed a sneaky source destination arrow into my dummy symbol or something like that?

Any ideas appreciated.