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Export sketches of multi-body sheetmetal to DWG/DXF

Question asked by Michaël Forcier on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by Michaël Forcier

Hi, I have a problem, that I don't know how to solve.

I have a part with multi-body sheetmetal and I want to export sketches in DWG file. The problem is that when the part is single body, the sketches are showing fine in the export to DWG, but if there is more then one body in the part, when I export it, the sketches won't show.

I joined a file I just created that show the problem. When I supress the 2 caps I can have the sketch in the DWG export of the main sheet, but when the caps are unsupressed, the sketch won't show.

Anyone already had this problem or can find a solution?