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Part Moving To Coincident Area Rather Than Staying In "Space"

Question asked by Chris James on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by Chris James

I have SW 2018 SP4.0 and I noticed a really cool update from our old installation and thats when I would bring in a part into an assembly and it didn't matter where in space it was located, as long as doing a coincident mate, I chose a  surface from the part to any surface on the assembly, it would move that part to the location where I clicked on the assembly. Making it easier to finish fully defining the part with out having to zoom back out trying to find out where the part was now at.


I attached an image showing what I mean. Hopefully it's clear enough, but also keep in mind that the part "in-space" in already coincident with the assembly, but did not move over to the area that I clicked.


It use to work, so not sure if a setting got changed on accident or what, but it was very useful when it works.


Thanks in advance,