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    Local File

    Chris Scougall

      I am setting up our PDM (standard) system and I have another of many questions...


      My only experience is with PDM workgroups about 6 or 7 years ago and Standard is very different. I set up a work flow and created a part and it's drawing and moved them through the workflow process (with a couple of hiccups, but it worked). After completing that process, I attempted to delete the files. and got a message that said I didn't have the permissions to do that. after attempting to delete the files, the drawing file now says that it is  a "local file" and I am unable to load it back into the vault. or delete or find it anywhere. is that normal or did I do something catastrophically wrong? as someone with admin permissions I would assume that I would be able to delete files.


      apologies if this has been asked and answered. ( I may have even asked this question myself, with all of my confusion with this I can't remember)

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          Aleksander Ksiezopolski



          you can right click on the file and choose: add to the vault.


          The second thing is: are you destroy the file or delete the file? Right click on the folder with this files, go to properties and you can see the tab 'deleted items'. From this tab you can restore your files.


          The other thing - in PDM Administration right click on a group/specific user/'Users' Branch, thank go to 'Explorer' tab and you can check which files you want to see (all files, just added to the vault or just local files). You can also check the option: 'Automatically delete local flles....'.


          Moreover, you can read Administration Guide: C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM\Lang\GB\


          Let me know if you have another questions.




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              Chris Scougall

              I am trying to destroy the model and the drawing for no reason other than to remove it from the vault because I just used it as a test part. the model is still there and I can check it out and back in and is listed as "released to production" the drawing however is greyed out and when I try to check it in nothing happens. and I can't seem to do anything with it other than look at the file sitting there in the vault. I looked through the admin guide as you suggested but I can't seem to find a solution.


              Sorry if I'm being vague, I'm new to PDM

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                  Aleksander Ksiezopolski

                  As you logged as Admin you have full permision. If you logged as someone else - you need to 'give' you permision to destroy files both: as folder permision and state permision (for all the states that files has been). Then just shift+del on your keyboard.


                  The gray file mean that the file is in specific windows folder but not add to the vault (no record in the database)