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    Hide SolidWorks menu bar

    Ioan Bordei

      It is possible to hide all of the user interface elements, including the SolidWorks menu bar?

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          Artem Taturevych

          Could you please clarify why do you want to do this?


          There is no direct API for doing this


          I see several options:

          • All menus and commands are windows controls so they can be hidden via native Windows API. You can get the HWND from the SOLIDWORKS frame and traverse controls to hide them
          • You can use SOLIDWORKS as an OLE object embedding. An example of this would be a SOLIDWORKS model embedded to Excel spreadsheet. In this case you can only work with the model but no controls are visible. You will also need to involve native APIs to embed SOLIDWORKS model
          • If you only need to disallow users to do any modifications you can disable the menus and commands. For me this is a preferable option as you can do it via SOLIDWORKS API without the need of involving any native Windows API. Please take a look at this example: Block Model Editing