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Users of the Electrical Routing Program - a forewarning:

Discussion created by S. Casale on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Matt Peneguy

The SolidWorks Add-in for the Routing program is still err'd. We've been using it for years now - and it has not gotten better in any way. No one wonders why Resellers never push it as a worthy add-on.


SW 2018 SP4.0 I assume the following (in RED) was to address the performance issues that the add-in offers? Not fixed.

SPR 1045504 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 3D Routing, Wiring - Performance: The performance of 3D routing is not proportional to the number of wires in the project.
• SPR  928249 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 3D Routing, Wiring: Failed when routing the wires for attached project.
• SPR  1053094 - SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Routing, cables: Performance:  Slow performance when routing all cables ( 28 cables) in this project.


I'm going to throw it out at SolidWorks and write it again, The Routing Program is not fixed, better, or worth using as an add-on. Some of my simple wire routes with five or six wires can add 10-25 minutes for saving and more for save to pdf creation - this doesn't even address the err's editing route has, nor how it interacts with PDM.


Just 3D sketch and sweep (circular), then call it  a day.