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Trailer BBQ design

Question asked by Chad Huleatt on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Krzysztof Szpakowski

At my work place, we love BBQ. Any excuse will do. However at the moment we're limping along with a couple homeowner size units.


Some of the guys want to make a trailer style BBQ large enough to cater for 100 people, and asked me for help with the design. I don't need help with modelling, but I do need some background on BBQ design. Trawling the net I see a lot of this type of design (see pic below), firebox at one end, chimney at the other, fully enclosed smoke/ cook chamber.


Anyone a pro at BBQ design? Can you give me any tips re ensuring adequate heat, smoke flow, any other design tips? My boss said "If we do it, it has to be state of the art" so the stakes (steaks?) are high.


Here are some design criteria:


  1. We need to cater to 100+ people
  2. We want to be able to BBQ a large range of meat, from quartered pigs to chicken pieces
  3. It will be wood fired, we're in Australia so we typically use gum/ eucalypts which burn slow & hot