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    hole table and a detailed view

    Bill Hankins

      i have a plate with holes and i can add the hole table fine. i want to take an area of the plate and get the hole data from the parent view to show up in the detail. i would think it would take the data when it is created, but does not.

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          Kevin Chandler



          If you can't attack it directly, then here's a feasible workaround:

          1. Hole table the parent view
          2. Add another instance of the parent view outboard of the title block and set its scale to the detail scale, break the alignment, if any
          3. Hole table the duplicate scaled view
          4. Make sure the settings for the hole tables match (you can hide the origin marker in the second one)
          5. Crop the duplicated view as if it's a detail view
          6. Move this view onto your drawing, if there are hole tags leftover from the cropping which are visible, hide them
          7. Sketch a detail profile rectangle on the parent view and add a leadered note (w/no head)
          8. Add a detail note at the cropped view and link its view scale.



          I hope this helps. PDF attached.