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Manifold pipe nipple for tubing attachement

Question asked by Kevin Bouwman on Mar 5, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2009 by Sandip Darveshi
We build dairy pipelines out of sanitary ss rigid tube where we need a nipple for silicone hose to connect to the ss line.

For example: My current project uses 3" OD x 16ga stainless "pipe". Every 44" I need to weld a 7/8" OD by 2" long nipple with the nipple's axis perpendicular to and intersecting the pipe's axis. A hole needs to be cut in the pipe with a diameter equal to the 3/4" ID of the nipple. The nipple is coped to the radius of the pipe and then welded over the hole. When it is installed a flexible silicone hose with a 3/4" ID and 1.33" OD is shoved onto the nipple 1.25". I want to use routing to create the pipe and the flexible hose.

What do I need in the model of the nipple to accomplish this. I have created other routing fittings but this one has me confused. It seems to me that this nipple has the characteristics of an olet to the pipe and a flange to the hose.