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TPEs - Yellowing

Question asked by Rob Rimpini on Sep 17, 2018
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I've recently been cast into the world of injection molding and wondered if anyone could offer some insight into one of the challenges we've encountered.  This is probably going to be a stupid question, but here goes:


One of our products is a carbonation vessel with a threaded cap, injection molded using a thermoplastic elastomer (NEWMAT "Easiprene" SBS/SEBS).  It is used primarily in restaurant/bar environments, so it's exposed to all the imagined elements.  We've been very happy with the functionality and white/natural color aesthetic with one exception - after a few months they begin to yellow, sometimes drastically, which leads me to my question:


Are there other TPEs we could use that resist this yellowing effect, or is it almost always a feature of additives, stabilizers, etc.?


Any suggestions or keywords you could throw my way would be much appreciated.


Thanks so much


Perlini discoloration 2.png