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    This macro broke my model

    Mike Russell

      The attached is the macro  (see "import diag macro" - i copied it from the editor)

      I was using on folders with lots of imported solids. Works great for correcting import errors along with the utility #task (sharp task), I can batch process a folder with loads of imported files.


      I decided to create an icon on my toolbar linked to this macro in case I needed it.


      I had a model open that I have been working on for 20+ hours and I accidentally clicked on the icon it ran, and completely mangled my work. (see attachment "messed up part"

      Next it crashed Solidworks, But not before saving the file and creating a back up in the temp folder...


      I thought that the Import Diagnostic would not run on a part with any features in the tree other the "Imported" solid.


      How can I stop this macro from corrupting a model with tree features?

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          Josh Brady

          How about just making you confirm that you really want to run it?


          Just put this block of code right after Sub main()


          if msgbox("Really run import diagnostics????", vbyesno, "Don't effin screw it up again dude!") <> vbyes then

               exit sub

          end if


          Of course, you'll want to make this a copy of your current macro and map that to the button.  Keep your original one MsgBox-free so it doesn't nag you when you use TASK or whatevz