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Detach Userform element from scroll

Question asked by Adob Phot on Sep 18, 2018

I have userform with some buttons, and scrollbar. When i drag slider, i need to some buttons will not move, so i do this:


Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

Useform1.ScrollBars = fmScrollBarsHorizontal

Useform1.ScrollWidth = Useform1.InsideWidth + 200

End Sub


Private Sub UserForm_Scroll(ByVal ActionX As MSForms.fmScrollAction, ByVal ActionY As MSForms.fmScrollAction, ByVal RequestDx As Single, ByVal RequestDy As Single, ByVal ActualDx As MSForms.ReturnSingle, ByVal ActualDy As MSForms.ReturnSingle)

Useform1.CommandButton1.Left = ScrollLeft

End Sub



It do what i need - keep button freeze, but do shake - how to avoid that?