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    Dwayne Parrott

      Are there any benefits to using cold storage for performance? I realize that cold storage reduces data size on the archive servers however does this mean the server exchanges from database will run faster with less data on the archive server........

      Does anyone have any info from testing they can share?

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Dwayne -


          Not really. When it was first added to the product, most people used it to reduce the size of their archives.

          But better methods exist such as archive compression and splitting archives to use additional storage locations.


          When you use cold storage, you are actually adding to the database (to record versions sold stored and etc.).




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            Martien Mourits

            Hi Dwayne,


            Cold storage is not something I typically advice to our customers, even though I see archives well over 5TB regularly. If you have 100+ versions per file on average, it might help. When you have few versions per file, there will be less of an impact.


            More important though, my first question would be when someone mentions performance issues is what kind of performance issues is seen, and by whom? Is it reproducable or just in certain situations, etc? I don't want to be looking into Cold Storage when perhaps database activity is causing the problems.


            Kind regards,

            Martien Mourits