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    Simulation Running for Over 3 Days

    Marlene Wartenberg



      I previously ran a wedge system simulation as discussed in this thread. I then changed the contact sets to include friction coefficients, and now the simulation takes longer than 3 days to run (I'm never able to finish it because I need to use my computer for other things, and it's constantly telling me I'm low on memory...). Will it run faster on a better computer, or is there anything else I can do? I'm running Solidworks on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Attached are the files.


      Thank you!

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          Attilio Colangelo

          Hi Marlene,


          A couple comments on the model.

          -  If you run an interference detection on the assembly you will see some hairline interferences.  Ideally, there would be not interferences except when "Treat coincident as interference" is checked.  The model may mesh but there will definitely be solution problems.

          - There is a force and an anchor applied to the same body (Carbon steel Rod).  I don't think you're trying to model the stretch of this component. If all the internal parts are touching (coincident) per the above comment you do not need the "rod end fixed" anchor.

          - I suggest meshing the individual parts to ensure there are no geometry flaws.  Then add 1 component at a time to the assembly and mesh that assembly.  This will help you narrow down where in the process the mesh fails.


          Hope that helps.

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              Marlene Wartenberg



              Thank you for the comments, I'll try what you suggested. Another thing I want to mention is that I had a lot of trouble setting correct contact sets. I really just want the collet to be immovable, and have the rod and wedge within the collet (pulling on the rod) with their respective coefficients of friction. I couldn't really find any good online tutorials for contact sets. Are the contact sets I made acceptable for this?

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              Marlene Wartenberg

              So I was able to fix all interferences and deleted the "rod end fixed" anchor, and ran the simulation using the Large Problem Direct Sparse Solver. Eventually three windows pop up:

              "Analysis failed after 5 trials"

              "Large displacement analysis terminated before results saved"

              "Static test failed"


              I have no idea what the problem is. Any ideas?