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BOM not updating when using Cfg name as Part Number

Question asked by Anthony Kanov on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by Anthony Kanov

In our company we use file name as PN in BOM and Description as a custom property.

We need for some components to have the two values defined in the Configuration properties and it does not work.

I tested on my computer and also on a computer with a new SW installation- same results.


Has any of you experienced this and found solution?


Here is the sequence:

- Create a part

- Set Cfg properties to use Cfg name as PN and Description in BOM:

- Save and insert the part in an assembly

- Save assembly, make a drawing and insert BOM. and here is what I get:

If I go back to the part, open Cfg properties, click OK and then Ctrl+Q and Save then the drawing BOM shows correct fields:


Just to clarify- we are at SW2018 SP3


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