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I am trying to cut a groove inside of a cylinder that will be used as a quarter turn to connect two components. How can I go about this?

Question asked by Isaiah Engle on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Isaiah Engle

I am trying to connect some 3d printed components without the use of glue, adhesive, or snap fit joints. I want to use a quarter turn that will lock the two pieces together. I have a cylinder and am trying to create a cut out path on the inside of the cylinder to have a path for the other joint to connect to.  I am attaching an image of the cylinder. I want to create a cut where the blue marking shows. How do I go about this? I tried using the revolved cut but am unable to select an access of rotation to cut around. SolidworksHelpCynlinder1.JPG