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Need Help With Technical Data For Library Feature.....

Question asked by Dave Bear on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Dave Bear

Hi All,


So I'm practicing some of the stuff I've read about over the last few months and I'm playing about with creating library features that have multiple configurations. Now, so far no issue as far as the actual creation of the feature, where I'm baffled is with reading the technical data.


For something simple I thought I'd create a library feature for Steel RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section). I'm stuck with the fact that within the specifications data sheet (taken from Australian Tube Mills) there doesn't seem to be a simple explanation (in my mind) of what exactly each corner radius is.


radius 4.PNG

This one shows me tolerances,


radius 1.PNG

This one talks about gyration and I get distracted............


radius 2.PNG

This one shows the references for the table below.........


radius 3.PNG

And finally this one has the specifications for the individuals sizes of steel. I have highlighted the two columns that my second image references.

Now I could just take for granted that perhaps the inner radius of the corner is equal to the thickness of steel, but that's a big assumption.


Why isn't the radius just listed as a radius/radii?

Can someone please explain to this simpleton just how you accurately calculate the external radius from this gobbledegook!