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Backing out of a project and rebuilding it as something new

Question asked by Michael Powell on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by Daniel Melendez

Ok, so, customers change their minds, which rolls downhill as the saying goes.


We have built hardware from parts and assemblies, and for the next version of this project, I was to revise/modify the models and *existing hardware*.

No problem.  Modify the models/drawings... hand it all to the tool room, and let them do the work.


Suddenly, the customer wants to NOT modify the existing hardware, but in fact to make all *new hardware* for this next version of the project.




So now this is where I am in uncharted territory.  New hardware means a newly assigned "Fixture number" and all new part numbers, and as such, I have to duplicate and rename every single part, as well as the assembly, to reflect the (mostly) all new (but similar) parts needed for the new version tooling.


THEN, I need to back out of all of the changes I had made to the existing parts to get them back to the state they were in before all of this started.


To do this, I must absolutely have severed all ties between the "old project" files and the "new project" files (or else my reversion efforts will be reflected in the new assemblies).


Anyway, this seems daunting to me thanks to my inexperience in these sorts of matters.  If this is all "clear as mud", apologies in advance.


Wish I was an expert in this, but I'm not.  What is the best way to go about pulling this off?


Thanks so much in advance.