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Get if a part is Virtual using Document Manager API

Question asked by Carmen Lopera on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by Artem Taturevych


Is it possible to know if a part is virtual reading the document through document manager API?

I am using GetDocument to get the part file and then GetComponents, so I can then look isVirtual property on the component.


The problem is for the virtual part is returning None so I can go on checking if its virtual


swDocPart = (SwDMDocument19)mDocumenManager.GetDocument(path, nDocType, true, out nRetVal); => RETURNED NONE


                    if (nRetVal != SwDmDocumentOpenError.swDmDocumentOpenErrorNone)


                        // if it can't find the file

                        if (nRetVal == SwDmDocumentOpenError.swDmDocumentOpenErrorFileNotFound)


                            // look if its virtual

                            SwDMConfiguration12 config;

                            SwDMConfigurationMgr configMgr = swDocPart.ConfigurationManager;

                            config = (SwDMConfiguration12)configMgr.GetConfigurationByName(configMgr.GetActiveConfigurationName());

                            object comps = config.GetComponents();

                            Array arrComps = (Array)comps;



                            foreach (SwDMComponent9 swComp in arrComps)


                                bool isVirtual = swComp.IsVirtual;