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    Lost reference on check out?

    Vedran Ljubez

      Hi everyone,


      can anyone tell me why won't my PDM standard pull up as reference DXF file with 2D when I want to check out part?

      When I want check out part it wan't to pull DXF with drawing as refernce.


      I have a DXF files of my sheet metal model in sub folder, but 3D and 2D are in the same main folder.



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          Paul Wyndham

          (Disclaimer): This is what you can do on SWPDM Professional. I don't know if it works the same on Standard.


          You have to paste the file as a reference on the parent drawing or part/assembly.

          First copy the dxf to the clipboard.

          Then with the parent checked out right click on it and select "Paste as Reference".


          Now when I check out the drawing it allows me to check out the part or the PDF I attached to it.