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Force attributes to update

Question asked by Jamie Wardlaw on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Jamie Wardlaw

Does anyone know of a way to force attributes to be pushed to files when the associated variable data has not necessarily been changed? This occurs everytime we migrate existing office documents to PDM and it is very very frustrating. For example, is we want to map new attribute data from an existing variable to an existing document it is not possible - unless you edit the existing data, check in, check out, revert the data to what it should have remained then check in again. Surely i'm missing something here, there has to be a way to force existing data, that is to be mapped via attributes, in to existing documents at the next check out event?


Hopefully someone out there has a solution for this, as the need to do a temporary edit to get the mapped data in to the existing documents is totally ludicrous.