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The Greatest Gift..........

Discussion created by Dave Bear on Sep 13, 2018
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Hi Everyone,


I wanted to update you all on recent events. As if you didn't know.............

Firstly, let me start by saying that my health is still on the mend and things are going along nicely. I have been taking it very slow and easy (boring) and trying to watch my diet, not that it's helped. I've put on a bit of weight with just laying about so I might have to increase the walking I think. A lot of you regularly contact me to check in and I just wanted to say thank you for caring enough to do so, It has meant a lot to me over the past few months.


Now, it would appear that this forum has a very sneaky and very creative secret organisation who are skilled in the art of distraction, implementation and making the impossible happen. Apparently, this organisation is world-wide, multi-raced, multi-aged, multi-sexed and very efficient. On Monday 10th September, I received a very large delivery from the USA. It's contents, to say the least are completely out of this world. It seems that a vast number of people have deemed me worthy of the gifts shown below and I am beside myself with what I have received. I am finding it hard to adequately express what this all means to me as the words "Thank You" just don't seem powerful enough to express my gratitude. To each and everyone of you that had even the smallest part in this, know that you have made the biggest difference in my life and from the very depths of my heart, I sincerely thank you!


Here are some pictures of the great gifts I received. They are not posted in any specific order by the way.




1) I received an awesome backpack filled with all sorts of SolidWorks goodies. The backpack has that many compartments that I am just bound to lose stuff in there lol. But SW Corporation/Dassault didn't stop there! Not only did Richard Doyle and Rachel York go out of their way to make things happen like this but they also obtained approval from CEO Gian Paolo Bassi to gift me with a seat of SolidWorks 2018. This is purely EPIC!

Thank you so much guys and all at SW/Dassault for what you have done for me. It's not all about the software, it's also about the community you have helped to build worldwide.




2) It looks as though quite a few of you thought that maybe I need to step up a level! .

This was a MASSIVE surprise! I've only ever seen these devices in photo's that many of you guys might have shared here in the forum. Guess I have to go and get my pilot's license now huh? Not that I have a complete picture of the goings on, but I'm led to believe that Todd Blacksher hit up a contact that he had at 3D CONNEXION and managed to swindle me one of these brilliant packages. I just can't wait to start driving the bus this way, I'm sure there's going to be a learning curve but I'm pretty good at taking them on! My sincere thanks to both Todd and the people at 3D CONNEXION for the Spacemouse Enterprise Package!




3) The absolute "Duck's Nut's" (Aussie slang). When I originally opened the overall package and came across this I really got hit with emotion. I rarely take things to heart that much, but this cut me up! Not only because I now had a brand new beast of a laptop, but the thought that had gone into it. The print on the lid is one of the great artworks by John Stoltzfus called "Bed Of Nails". I had made comment a long long time ago that I loved this image, along with John's other works of course, but this one just stood out to me. Apparently, it was the idea of Matt Peneguy to apply the skin to the laptop to make it unique and personal and John remembered which image I adored. I can only imagine what sort of things had to happen to get the image initially from John through to being a finished skin on the laptop. To all that had any hand in this, thank you. Thank you for adding that personal touch to something that is already above and beyond!




4) The Weapon! The Engine of everything that everyone has done in a way. This new "you beaut" DELL laptop is the above and beyond I spoke of. Coupled with everything else you have witnessed, I am now lucky enough to be able to continue my SolidWorks journey. This lappy is a power-house and there is definitely no way I could have ever financed something like this myself, not to mention the SolidWorks software or the 3D Connexion Products. The laptop itself was from SOLID BOX who liased with Todd Blacksher regards specs I believe and then it made it's way to SW Corporation in Waltham where the great people there installed SW 2018 for me and then also graciously consolidated all of the packages and covered the cost of the freight to me here in Australia. This all makes for one very humbled BEAR!

Thank you all for what you have done!




So, here's me now, playing with my new gifts! My truck assemblies are starting to see the light of day again and I would have to be the most humbled yet grateful person this side of the black stump (more Aussie slang). I am only getting to piece together how you all managed to pull this off bit by bit. And whilst I indeed heartfully thank each and every single person that had even the smallest part in this, I do think that there are just a few names that may be needed to mention. Firstly, Alin Vargatu for playing Todd's decoy! It seems that Todd enjoyed being left alone to run this scheme whilst Alin kept me at bay. But I also wanted to thank Alin for playing his part in this, for organising my Power User Award, for being there for me and for being a true friend. I also have to keep in mind that Todd and John were also busy at the same time with the World Map of Support, so with everything else in daily life, they were no doubt busy little vegemites!


I also have it on good authority that the first to suggest that anything remotely like this should happen for me was Michael Lord. Apparently Michael made a few contacts with people and got the ball rolling. I bet even he couldn't imagine what he started. Thank you so very much Michael.


So, YES, I am back in the game.

Unfortunately that means that my presence in the forum shall be ongoing!

I want to add that although I have singled some people out above, I know that there are so many of you that were in involved, that contributed, that cared, that dug in, that helped, that followed up. My deepest and sincerest thanks go out equally to you all no matter what part you may have played. This forum has shown that it is more than just about SolidWorks. It has shown the power of mankind, the power of community, the power of compassion. I am lucky to belong. I am surely lucky to be me!