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How to change Hole Callout text in another language?

Question asked by Bruno Caixa on Sep 12, 2018

Hello everybody!


When I use hole callout, a problem appears and have to be solved manually, something undesirable for me and my team. We use SW in Portuguese, so, sometimes the <hw-thru> variable in text show us the text PASSANTE TOTAL in the hole dimension. PASSANTE TOTAL for us, is something redundant. We desire to show only the word PASSANTE when making a thru hole.


I tried do edit de file calloutformat.txt as showed on SW help, but when i open the text, all the variable are in english (some explanatory notes are in portuguese), and it is impossible to me see where the PASSANTE TOTAL text appears on that variables.


Have somebody there tried to change hole callout text in a language other then english?


Greetings from Brazil!