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Deleting/editing reference dimensions in assembly/part

Question asked by Lars Ahlzen on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by Jane Rabanal



I have a weird problem. I have an assembly and I insert a reference dimension between two parts namely a hex head and a thread body. This works fine but after it has been put there I can't click on it, edit it or delete it. It is just there and I can't find it anywhere (in the tree, in the annotations folder, etc). Kind of a long story why I want it there but I really do want it there. Does anybody know how one can control these reference dimension once they have been set, or at least if one can find them anywhere. Pictures is linked.


Also, if I change the configuration it disappears visually but I know it is still there since it ends up showing in the drawing later.


OBS: I think the default color of reference dimensions are grey put I changed this so don't worry about that.