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    Daming Xing

      Hey group,


      I am trying to use insert ==> feature ==> cavity to cut out from this square piece based on the shape of this drill model. However, it kept giving me error.


      This drill model is in STL and was originally created with CATIA. As you can see, it has many holes and it's hollow inside, but I believe it has thickness.


      Is there a way that I can make this cut? To cut this block based on the shape of this tool. Or is there a way that I could turn this drill model into a solid piece (close all the holes and fill up the cavity)?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

          Could you attach your file?

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            Paul Salvador

            Hello Daming,..  the holes would need to be closed,.. you can try auto healing/repairing or manual.. if you can get closed body without errors you have a good chance.. or use a mesh modeling program or the Mesh Tools.. you can clean up and close the model.

            Other issue using solids...if a vertex is/near the split/cavity.. you may have a error.. so, you may need to move the model or vertex slightly...

            btw,.. you do not need to do this in Assembly mode, you can also do this in Part mode but you would use Combine or just Extrude/Cut and Mirror?

            I played around with a online mesh model and got it to be almost clean..and did a extrude with half showing (no errors) and extrude upto body and it worked.. ... mesh models are not fun to work with in SW.. imho.


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              Heiko Sohnholz


              when importing a STL or other mesh-body, it's important to got to the options and verify that you will import it as a volume body instead of a graphics body. Otherwise you will not be able to do anything with it...

              The other solution is, to import the STL and then define a mesh body from it. Then you will be able do make cut-operations but you have to define every solid also as an mesh body.

              So please have a look at your import settings and your feature tree to find out, what kind of data you have...