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Changing sketch plane inverts sketch

Question asked by Kody Spaberg on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Steven Dod

This is an issue Ii commonly encounter and I'd like to find a quick fix as I end up wasting plenty of time whenever it happens.


So i have two features from the right plane that take a through cut out of a square block. Feature 2 takes an angled cut out of the block, and eventually I end up making sketches based off this angled face. Somewhere down the line, I realize that i want to relate the sketches of Feature 1 and 2, so delete Feature 2 and recreate it sketch in Sketch 1 to relate the two cuts. Now, all of the features made on this angled face are missing a plane. So I fix them by changing their plane to the angled face created now in Feature 1. My issue is that for some reason Solidworks likes to invert my sketches (the origin is flipped upside down from where it previously was, usually resulting in my having to redo all the sketching related to this angled face). The annoying part is that if I start any new sketch on this angled face, the origin is correctly oriented how I prefer it to be.


Is there any way to determine the orientation that solidworks assumes when I fix the planes for these dependent sketches?