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Route Flattening and detailing

Question asked by Jaco Van Den Berg on Sep 10, 2018

Good day


just a question regarding the flattening of a route.

We've create a line/wire diagram in schematics, and made the components part of a harness.

We've then create the solid route etc, no problem, but when we try to flatten the route is shows a nice flatten view of the harness.

the question is, all the extra parts (splices, boots, coverings etc) does not show in the flatten view, is this a normal behaviour? if so that is fine, but is there a way

to have all those components to be part of the flatten route? we would like to have a flatten view but that should also have a bill of materials thus the reason we would

like to have all the extra part to be also shown on the flatten route.

hope this makes sense.


Kind Regards