Clive Smart

Which FX1700 or FX3700 for SW09 + Cosmos?

Discussion created by Clive Smart on Mar 5, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2009 by Jim Zink

I seem to be asking too much of my FX570 particularly in an assembly which without wiring looms are well over 500 components.

I'm just about to upgrade from 07 to 09 Premium and COSMOS to take advantage of circuit works, harness and extra simulation. Oh i run dual monitors and its a Dell quad core 2.4GHz 4GB ram running XP.

So i need to update my graphics card I'm concerned that if i get a 1700 it might not be up to a populated PCB added to an already 500+ assy, plus the looms.

Just for info the relative costs in the UK are £340 and £466 respectively.

Any experience people could share with me would be great. I realise this has sort of been covered before but i couldnt find anything relative to 09 + CW + COSMOS etc