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Question regarding sketch bend and planes.

Question asked by Blake Rubio on Sep 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Igor Fomenko

As the topic suggests I need help regarding sketch bend. I created a sheet metal cylinder, however when I unfold it to get a long rectangular piece of sheet metal I want to add bends at the ends at various degrees so that the piece could be made easier to bend in a shop. You could call them pre-bends.


Now my problem is when i create a sketch and draw a line and fully define it and get to the point where I have to choose the fixed place I am unable to select anything. I instead receive the message "Please make sure that the selected fixed face is the face on which the sketch has been created."


For some reason though when I create a rectangle sheet metal part and want to make a bend I have no problem.


Any ideas on what might be wrong?


Thank you for your time.