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    Delete folder enquiry

    James Lee

      Hi Guys,


      Is there a way to ensure users will not accidentally delete another user folder in PDM? But at the same time still allow them to delete any wrongly created folder during development.


      1. When any user attempts to delete someone else folder. They can only do so if they are the owner of the folder. Is it possible?
      2. Can any workflow be created to allow delete based on conditions?


      Hope to hear from you soon.

        • Re: Delete folder enquiry
          Tim Webb

          Hi James,


          If they have permissions to delete a folder, that means they can delete its subfolders as well, which means they can delete any folder and there isn't a good way to control this behavior.


          As an admin, I focus on a different approach. I only allow creation of folders using templates with pre-configured folder settings. Allowing deleting of folders then becomes a non-issue.


          Otherwise, PDM will become a junkyard of folders that have to be cleaned up later. In my experience, if an admin allows them to create random folders that later aren't needed, the average user won't clean them up.


          Every customer deals with this at one level or another so come to your own conclusions.



          Tim CEPA

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